Monday, November 4, 2013

Hugo's Design - Kini

A strapless Hugo outfit? Inconceivable! And yet, here it is: Kini, the latest Hugo release, with not a strap or buckle in sight.

While Kini is relatively plain, it is quite good looking, and has the usual open options we’re not going to show you ;)

It comes in a number of parts on every clothes layer, and there are even footless stockings included (where the ankle has a band of color like the one at the top of the stocking) so if you wear prim feet, the stockings will look better-finished.

Tattoo layer, add; that’s my official way to wear Hugo these days. Wear the outfit, add the gloves and stockings - boom, I’m dressed. Throw on accessories, serve at room temperature ;)

I’m slowly taking my Rainbow Elegance by Domina’s Duo and making a version to wear with each Hugo color.. I’ll let you know when I have the whole set.

Time for some new latex by the latex master himself, introducing Kini by Erik at Hugo’s Design.

Kini is a combination of smoky latex with some tiny bits of latex in the usual Hugo colors to cover up the naughty bits, well most of them in the closed option.

I do love smokey latex as it works so well on my pale skin, making for a great shiny contrast against the bare skin.

Yes as you might expect from a Hugo design, you get loads of options, including most layers and open and closed options.

The Lolas Tango appliers are sold separately and give you 3 options, open, pasties and closed top, i’m showing the open version in the blue. *winks*

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo

Quality8 8
Price8 7
Service8 8
Store8 8

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