Monday, November 11, 2013

Powers of Creation - Twisting In And Out

Kai gave me a call last week, and asked me if I wanted to see his latest release. Yeah, no, that didn’t take too long to consider ;)

Presenting Twisting In and Out, a bunch of different outfits in the same box.

Twisting In, Suit has the colored sleeves and the transparent middle, and Twisting Out, Suit, has the colored middle and the transparent sleeves. You can superpose them for fun options since they’re on all clothes layer.

This means you have five items times four versions. I can’t help thinking this is one outfit that would be greatly simplified in tattoo layer… not that putting on a top and a bottom takes a half hour. Eh, call me spoiled.

The body is fun but a bit bare for me. There are no gloves or stockings included in the kit, but if you managed to read this blog for years and you didn’t buy *one* outfit that has long latex gloves and stockings, you’re tough. :)

Something new from the master of the deep deep shine latex, Kai at PoC has been busy again.

Twisting In and Out is a lovely looking combination of PoC’s trademark deep shine latex and his, just as shiny, smoky transparent latex.

You get 4 options, two catsuits with long sleeves and two bodies with short sleeves, the other option is the colored latex and the smoky latex switching places.

You’ll get the outfits in all layers, except for the tattoo layer, so you should be able to combine this with other clothing, though matching other clothes to this will be hard.

Good looking and most of all shiny party outfit from the old master himself, best news, he’s back… *smiles*

Ohh and Lolas appliers are sold separately.*winks*

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman

Price8 8
Service8 8
Store9 8

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