Monday, December 9, 2013

DeVicious - Love Shack 2 and Peace

Already day 9 on the DeVicious Christmas Calendar - or, as vanilla people say, “December” ;)

I’m wearing a little Mrs Peel number called Love Shack 2, which comes in normal and “materials shiny” versions, five sizes, and 10 textures.

So long as we’re not mad about running beta viewers, that means 10 dresses. That’s ok - it just means 10 more next year ;)

I was thinking there might be some hint of materials recognition, but there’s no difference I can perceive at all. Oh well, now I know.

Love Shack 2 (you just *know* I’m going to have to walk the halls in DeVicious to find Love Shack 1) is a tight, elegant little sixties-style dress. The bare arms are fun, I’m usually a lot less exposed than this. And it’s Uhura-short ;)

Also included in the box were these excellent boots (in black, brown, pink, red and white).

Not enough? How about a 100L$ store card? You basically can’t lose with this outfit :)

I’m wearing Peace, the 9th
outfit in the ongoing saga that is the Christmas calendar from Steph at DeVicious.

As with all Steph’s dresses you get loads of textures and with her new love for materials, the peace dress comes in default, glossy and sequins material.

Size wise she goes from a XXS to a L and i’m wearing XS so this one is pretty loose fitting, but then that’s how they were in the sixties.

As before she kindly gives you some good boots, ok they aren’t Bax boots, but as give aways go they really are super and come in white and black.

Get your butt over to Devicious, this is the sale of the year, and next year she’ll do it all over again… *winks*

Name : DeVicious
Owner : Steph Catseye

Quality9 8
Price9 9
Service8 8
Store8 7

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