Thursday, January 9, 2014

Marine’s Goodies - Bubblizer

It’s not every day a designer tips us to another’s creations, but Kat Fetisov was the one who pointed us to the Bubblizer.

This is one of those toys that’s better suited to public locations and lots of players, so we went to see one on location at Stones `n Rubber.

It can be a fairly big arena, and they cleverly squeezed it in place at SnR.

If that one is busy when you arrive, there’s another at Bondage City. Or, you know, buy one for yourself ;)

There’s a soccer mode, a dodgeball mode, it involves large bubbles that change color, bondage will hinder you while you play, and you’ll need RLV for it to work.

The game is fun, intricate, and we won’t waste your time with copy-pasted content. See all the details on Marine’s blog - it’s really well explained there - and get a few friends together and go play :)

Name : Real Restraints
Owner : Marine Kelley

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  1. We really love the game. We set it up in our homesim. At home we get less interruptions and less lag. It is a great way to chill and to have some nice banter about the release of the loosers afterwards (or about not releasing them). Great work, Marine. Thank you!