Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jaqueline - Servant Claire

Jaqueline is still around - boy, is she ever.

Tonight’s outfit, Servant Claire, is a classy little maid uniform with tons of good options, but I thought hey, we haven’t stopped by the main store in ages.

It has grown to three quarters of a SIM, on two floors - full of good content, too - with sections like Adult Area, Heels & Boots, Sex Beds, Casual Clothes, Medievals, Latex and Vinyl, Men’s Wear and Leatherwear.. set a bit of time aside if you want to see it all, it’s a long walk  ;)

Servant Claire (I’d say maid, but Claire does things Employment Canada doesn’t really list in the job description) is an outfit and a full set of RLV commands and accessories, making the price quite reasonable.

Lelo gives an excellent description as usual - I'll just point out that the included payable stripping HUD is meant to be rezzed on the ground for your patrons to see.

Ok, this one isn’t hot off the presses but still it’s a fun bit of kit and like Jaqueline puts it, a roleplay kit.

You will find, a sexy maid's costume in two versions, a corset you can add to it, two kinds of skirts, sleeves, gloves, collar, cap…

Lots and lots of options there, but you’ll also find a lovely little serving tray and a stripper pole, no maid should be without one. *winks*

There is also a fun stripping script that makes it possible to let someone else remove your bra and skirt, she even offers the option to set it up that you have to be paid through the script before you strip.

The included shoes give away that this is an older outfit and i’m sure you’ll have something better in your closet instead of Jaqueline’s.

This is a fun kit, which should give you hours of role playing fun, though it could do with a bit of an update.

Name : Jaqueline Fashion
Owner : Jaqueline Beaumont

Quality8 7
Price8 7
Service8 7
Store8 7

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