Monday, February 24, 2014

Tokyo Girl - Asia Ne Ballet Shoes

A snooped stiletto boot led us to Tokyo Girl, and lelo’s radar kicked in ;) Presenting the Asia Ne Ballet Shoes by Tokyo Girl.

While the standard solid colors are represented, the worn ballet slipper look grabbed my sweetie by the heart.

This is a lovely example of ballet shoe, looking quite authentic as you imagine a pair of well worn shoes would look after long use. The shiny black or leather textured version will suit a fetish outfit better, but this version has a lot of character.

The Tokyo Girl store is really gorgeous, sitting at water level on a Zen-tranquility-poster sim. High ceilings, great lighting, no clutter, just enough building detail… I loved it on sight.

That said, there is no adult content in the store. Anything adult themed (including the ballets) is on Marketplace - telling you here so you don’t go insane searching ;)

Stop the presses, we managed to find new shoes and not just normal shoes but ballets… and even better, ballets not yet in our collection. *smiles*

The Tokyo Girl ballets come in 9 versions, from black and white latex to rope.. we went for these as i loved the well used look of them, with me living in my ballets, all of them should by now look like this.

In the box you will find the two ballets, a shoe base and a tightly cropped alpha, this one even shows a good part of your socks.

A script lets you resize the shoes for a perfect fit. You have a scale version or you can stretch the boots along the 3 axes. Note that you have to resize both boots separately.

The shoes have an AO that makes them point in the right direction, no matter what pose you use, so no broken ankles in these.

Finally the shoes have Lockmeister chain points, just in case you want to chain them to a wall or in some other lovely contraption.

Still here?? Did i mention they are dirt cheap….. *winks*

Name : Tokyo Girl
Owner : Circe Ishtari

Quality9 9
Price9 9
Service- -
Store9 8

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