Monday, March 10, 2014

Graves - Velocity

We saw someone wearing Gravity, so we got Velocity - yeah, yeah, so we’re not always rational ;)

Velocity is a new Graves outfit. It’s quite striking, and like Gravity, it is built around an intricate “Collar / Protector / Backpack” - Jackie’s name for it.

The main difference is the included breast armor. We live very quiet second lives, and it’s just not every day that someone fires a laser pistol at lelo’s chest - but there it is, just in case.

Speaking of pistols, the upper thigh pockets sure look like holsters to me. You space bounty hunters will have the gear to suit them, I’m sure.

Boots are not included but the Cy-Boots we showed you recently match Velocity admirably.

Another striking Graves outfit, and the splash of color really brings it alive.

Velocity is available in red (shown), purple, grey and clear. The megapack of all four colors costs less than two separate outfits, so if you like them all, you’re winning.

It was high time we returned to Graves and seeing it worn at our usual hang out made us have a look in the store where the new Gravity caught our eyes.

Gravity follows the proven Graves lines, in looks, feels and build up, so you are assured that it will mix and match all your existing Graves gear.

Jackie is and will always be the queen of the prim augmented clothing and at least for me is one of the big attractions to Graves.

The other one being the fact that she manages to set a theme and stick to it.

In the box you will find the outfit with and without the red catsuit, in all cloth layers including the tattoo one.

Next to that you will find 12 prim add-ons that, like i told you before, really give the outfit life.

Jackie kindly added a alpha layer to hide big boobies, like mine, beneath the chest armour, so you don’t have to use the embedded resizing script.

Lastly as usual, Phat Azz appliers are sold separately. There are no Lolas! Tango appliers for Velocity since the armour covers the breasts.

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves

Price8 8
Service8 8
Store8 8

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