Monday, March 24, 2014

PixelFashion - Kaina Boots

We saw the Kaina boots worn at Domme a Domme, and we headed to PixelFashion for a closer look.

We heard from Deesselle Destiny, the PixelFashion bloggers group admin, that Amandine Arai hasn’t been online for some time - we wish Amandine well, as we’ve received no replies from contact attempts with her or Ono Zinner, her partner.

That said, the boots looked good so we thought we’d share them with you. The demo includes all colors in the HUD so you can get a good idea whether you’ll love them or not.

The foot shape and heel are more to my taste than to lelo’s; more fashion than outrageously fetish, let’s say.

The boots are in different parts, each colorable separately; the colors are good but the tints are mostly dark - a bit more light would have been good in some, at least.

There is materials at work - and fitted mesh! - as the shine and texture clearly show. This is a thoroughly modern boot, and a design of excellent quality.

There are limited color packs - something that I believe should be a thing of the past. The color packs are 550L$ but the fatpack is 1100L$, making it a bit steep in my opinion.

Name : PixelFashion
Owner : Amandine Arai

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