Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fairlight balletboots

Best balletboots in SL, personally i love the ankle version, been wearing them for almost a year now, the locking sound still sends shivers down my spine.

A nice extra is the RL feature and that you can copy and color the boots the way you like. A big thumbs up for Fairlight.

Julia Faulkland, the owner, scripter and designer, only makes the boots in a ankle and knee high version. She has a nice looking, locking bondage mitten, which i still have to try personally, and that is all the bondage things she makes, which is a great pity her work looks great.

If you like a nice sci-fi look, the main shop is a thing of beauty.

I never needed help with a fairlight product so i can't tell you about the customer service, the update to version 2 (RL-viewer) was easy and works well.

Deirdre lelo
Quality 9


Price 77


Store 77

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