Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bax Coen Design - Ankle boots, black patent

I'm a big fan of Bax's boots. The shape is terrific, the heel is a true classic stiletto, and there's a lot to love in the menus and so on. More details about those in lelo's post - jeez, you'd think she owns them, not me ;)

I was very happy to see this new patent leather texture, because others (like "black suede") left me a little cold. Black has a way of fading in the background, as we said before about other items with black-on-black designs.

This boot has reflections. It has lacing. It has stitching like you imagine devoted european shoemakers put on expensive fashion boots. The prim eyelets and laces all say this boot is a labor of love by someone who had : a pair sitting on their desk in real life, a magnifying glass, and good lighting ;)

I'll tell tales out of school and give you faithful readers a bit of advance notice on a version in *red* patent coming soon... if poor Bax is swamped in orders.. oh, wait, this isn't real life. Go ahead and get a pair, and tell her Deirdre sent you!

Great looking boot, the texture is amazing, giving the boots its wonderful look, the stitching is very realistic, best I've seen yet.

The thing that makes these boots really special is the way you can personalize the boots, you can change the color of the heel, sole, tip, eyelets, laces and add a lace top, only problem with this is the length of the options menu.

The boots come with a good AO and adjustable sound, guess.. yep you are right, more options *winks*

The only little thing i don't like about the boots is the pointy toe, not really my taste, but the rest of the boots make more than up for that.

A final thing about the boots, i like the small details Bax has put into the boots, like the size 0 on the sole of the boot, or the look of the box they come in, both show her eye for detail, Minx look out for this one....

Name : Bax Coen Designs
Owner : Bax Coen


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