Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scorpion Gas Mask

I already have the reputation of being the cruelest, evilest bondage bitch in Second Life for the way I keep lelo hooded and covered in latex and restrained all the time.. one more strict rubber bondage toy on her can't make me seem any more evil, so here we go ;)

This gas mask is terrific over a hood... really gives that heavy rubber effect with the thick straps and detailed prims... and since it's color-change, it goes with everything.

So if you like your sub in heavy rubber.. and you don't mind an evil reputation.. this toy is for you. Well, for him or her, to wear for you. You know what I mean ;)

another of my favorite toys, the scorpion gas mask, the first good looking, scripted gas mask i found in SL.

The mask has a great look, it takes some time to get the straps on the back of the head right, but if you do you really get a wonderful looking addition to a rubber hood.

The look is great and pretty realistic i love the way the lenses sit over your eyes and the cloud coming from the filter is a nice touch.

The sound, which is very realistic, starts to get on your nerve after about 10 minutes, but it can be turned of.

The mask offers the option of garbling the speech and giving you another name when you uses the right channel, so you get: "Deirdre's rubber doll mumbles....."

The scripting is very good, only little thing i don't like it the fact that the menu shuts down after about 15 seconds but i guess that helps to keep lag down.

The use of the HUD is great, it can restrict vision to two nicely made lenses or it can make the screen go totally black.

Finally there is the option to color the mask to match your outfit, a very important addition for the fashion conscious rubber doll *winks*

Name : scientific revolution
Owner : Aeon Dyrssen


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