Thursday, October 2, 2008

Freebies around SL : KCreations catsuits

Freebies are not always wonderful. Sometimes they're first attempts; sometimes they're not quite good enough to sell. Let's face it, if an item is so terrific that people are willing to pay thousands of L$ for it, it won't usually be given away.

Sometimes, however, designers will make very good items available for free as promotional material.

This brings visitors to their stores, gets them talked about... and since being found on SL is quite a challenge, a good freebie can work wonders.

This is the case with KCreations's free latex catsuits.

A boxed set of catsuits in black, white, pink, orange and red that will let you mix and match as foundation for any number of outfits.

A simple example: say you don’t have good boots yet. You could wear black latex stockings with a decent shoe or sandal and achieve a pretty neat look, for free.

The “reflections” on the latex are suited to a male or female body – choose the one you need. The outfits are no transfer, so if a friend wants them, just send them to the store.

Time for a new feature on our blog : we'll make a list of good freebies we've found in SL, and offer you the opportunity to participated by sending us the slurl of other great freebies.

To start we have chosen the wonderful catsuits by Kat Fetisov, of Kcreations.

The catsuits are simple but show the quality of Kat's work and in that way serve the purpose of being a great demonstrator of the rest of her products. Give them a look if you like the freebies, that's only fair.

The boxes with the free catsuits can be found at: (updated 2009-08-13!)

If you've got any links to good freebies, don't hesitated and attach them as a comment.


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