Friday, October 3, 2008

KDC : the ponygirl bridle

This is lelo's entry. Personally, I love how this thing looks. The intricate straps, the bit, the feather... it all feels terribly authentic :)

this is the KDC bridle, it is for pony play and offers next to the great look a few simple functions you might expect from a collar, like a leash option, a lock option and of course a owner option.

The great thing about this bridle is all the add-on's it offers. Personally i wear it with the forehead triple feather ornament with pony talk by SubAlice Sands, and the jointed egg butt pelham copper roller bit.

I never went for the blinkers but there is a nice selection of them as well.

All these add-on's allow you to put together you own personal bridle without having half the ponygirls you know running around with the same bridle.

i put the pony talk in the feathers to make them more interactive and offering a simple way of communicating with the world, i'll go into this fun little plug-in in a later entry.

As you might expect from a product by Kyrah Abattoir, the look is very good, most of all the feathers. Adjusting the bridle takes a bit of effort but is worth the work.

The scripting is good but can't be compared to Amethyst collars.

Then there is the shop, which is as impressive as it is confusing, but you can easily find your way around it once you have gotten used to the scenery.

The store can be found at:


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  1. Thank you for mentioning Pony Touch in your review of the KDC bridle. I'm looking forward to your promised review of Pony Touch in the future. I myself prefer the newer CCP bridle, which has a few more features and better support, but I do still wear KDC plumes much of the time.