Monday, October 20, 2008

Kayliwulf Kingdom : Red Kitty

A little note before I begin :

November First, One PM SL time
Kayliwulf fashion show at Playboy,

more news soon as I get them!

Kayliwulf is famous for assembling parts into good outfits. This is a freebie I got, made up of the following :

- FetishDoll 3-Buckle Thigh Boots
- FetishDoll Buckled Corset
- FetishDoll Catsuit Top
- FetishDoll Garter Belt
- FetishDoll Panty
- FetishDoll Thigh Stockings (in black)
- FetishEars Kitty

That's right, FetishEars ;) What it adds up to is a fun, complete outfit that you can mix and match endlessly with other clothing, be it Kayliwulf or not - latex or not, for that matter.

Good "reflections" on the latex, and a nice bright color.. and the ears just make the outfit. They were quite huge when I got them, but resizing them was easy.

fun looking outfit from KK, this one was in the Easter hunt eggs. I can't help myself i just love a cute little kitty and it's even better when it's in red latex. *smiles*

Just shows you that it's always worth to take a look at the freebies Laz and Daphne give away.

the boots are of an earlier design and it shows how much the design has grown, still these boots beat all the freebies i have seen till now.

The owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight

Store76 (lag)

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