Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WarDooM Shoes : Fetish Lack Ballet Boots

Lovely ballet boots, could be a little tighter on the leg, but very good prim work.

Decent texture, good detail.. once again, I'll let my expert speak.

The store is great, a must-visit. See the giant versions of the thigh boots, and mind the sea-serpent! ;)

A very nice alternative for the fairlight balletboots, the heel is amazing, as are the locks, which sadly don't work. I love the way the locks look, with the abus logo written on them, most realistic lock i have seen yet.

The lack or better latex look is nicely done, not the deep gloss you get from POC or KK but the way the reflections seem to follow the form of the boot is very good. Not a big fan of the dragons on the boots.

The lacing looks good, though the toe box could use a flatter (more walkable) bottom, i don't hate it but it somehow seems wrong.

I hope there will be a lockable version of these boots, just as the thigh high boots are, as much as a love the look of the thigh-highs, those are more for the Dommes, but then i don't understand Dommes who wear ballet boots, but hey, to each their own.

One final little thing that make these boots a good buy, you get a knee high and a ankle high pair for one price.

The owner : WarDooM Voom
The NEW (updated Dec 2008) SLURL :


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