Monday, October 13, 2008

Kayliwulf Kingdom, Saturday Night Party

Kayliwulf Saturday night parties are more than a tradition in SL, they're an institution.

Lazarus and Daphne have been throwing these weekly parties for quite a while, and we've been attending them almost religiously for nearly a year.

Fun people, great music... the beach location is just wonderful. You must try different lights to believe how good everyone looks.. sunset, midnight, all gorgeous. I spend a lot of time at mid-day light just cause I love to see the outfit details.

The sploder is the last tolerated "gambling" in SL.. a fun, harmless way to redistribute wealth. One Saturday night, just as the countdown was nearing zero, I called out "Deirdre needs new boots", in the old crap-shooter style.. damned if I didn't win the pot :)

The dance is where Lazarus hands out free copies of his new designs.. in "fun" colors like heliotrope, sunset, rainbow and ultramarine.

You get a good idea of what the item looks like, and if you're like me, you can inflict those fun colors on newbies looking for clothes ;)

The place to be for latex-loving people on Saturday nights, you always get a warm feeling when you are at one of their parties, and it's not because of the latex you are wearing.

DJ Laz is one of the best DJ in SL, no request is a problem and he seems to be able to find the most unique songs, and he'll play them. The mix is mostly modern pop but has a tendency to drift of with the requests, ending in Rammstein & co one week and the 70's the other.

The parties are held at the sky lounge or the beach, but they both offer the same things, a nicely filled sploder, great free latex and a nice gift card for the KK store.

The dance floor is slightly hypnotic and when the place fills up the lag is killing, still one of the best parties in SL, personally i hope they are planning another great New Years party, just like last year.

The owners : Lazarus Luan (DJ Laz), Daphne Goodnight

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