Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Redgrave : Boots, Black Leather Sculpties

I privately refer to these as my "business" boots, as they're what I wear with a business suit to look serious ;)

The fit is perfect, and I love the heel, it's just a ladylike height. The boots come in a slim and medium size: this is *not* footwear for BBW avatars. Classy, elegant, excellent quality... stop me if I'm gushing too much? ;)

The store is lovely too - it looks more like an art gallery than a skin and clothing store.

The boots are at the very end women's section. I gave you the SLURL to the exact spot but this is another of those places with a fixed teleport point. Just keep walking and look at the right wall.

These boots have a very simple look, but when you look closely you can see the work that has been put into them.

The texture has a great leather look, some well placed stitching's and folds give the boots a realistic look.

The heels have a good look with a nice everyday height, a leather lace around the top of the boot finishes the design.

All in all a great looking boot, perfect for a nice pony ride or just worn under a pair of jeans in on PG sim.

The owner : Veronica Skjellerup


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