Thursday, October 9, 2008

Twisted Orchid

A friendly fetish club, awesome people, great dance music : it all adds up to terrific ambiance.

Orchid is one of the most famous fetish clubs, and one of the oldest.

We see clubs come and go in Second Life, dying like mayflies after opening, languishing semi-empty for a few weeks, and land being re-sold at a loss... and one more entrepreneur swearing bitterly that he didn't get the help he needed, or luck was against her; whatever.

What makes a good club? Does Twisted Orchid have amazing toys? Psychedelic decoration? No, no.


Kailani's genius seems to be hiring good managers, promoting them from dancers that prove they are dependable, smart, and nice, night after night after night. (This is totally my theory - calling her up and asking for the secret of her success didn't seem à propos.)

There's a live DJ now and then, which sure makes the ambiance different. Hey, Cheribomb Vavoom, I mean you, sweetie!

The music is the rest of the time. As a special bonus just cause I like you, here's where you can see what's playing, in almost real time :

There's a small dance floor, but it really doesn't see much use. To sum up : a happy place to sit, snuggle, yak, and watch the guests and the lovely, friendly dancers.

Nice place to just relax, watch people and see the occasional newbie fly to the ceiling when they climb on the dance stage.

As Mistress says the place isn't special, the look is straightforward and the ceiling tiles seem upside down, still it has something.

It has a certain feel or mood, i guess it's true what they say: people make a place.

The Name : Twisted Orchid
The owners : Kailani Ling


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