Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Amethyst : Collar, slim

Collars are great fun. Aside from the visible mark of ownership, the leash and the rest of the controls really add to the experience of D/s in Second Life.

The "yank" on a leash to rapidly bring a slave to heel just *has* to be done once.. boom, you'll be addicted ;)

In my humble opinion, the Amethyst collar is the standard collar in SL. i have been wearing this collar since day one and i never regretted it.

The design is simple and not overdone, which i like; the scripting is the same and that's something i truly love.

You can control the color, the text on the collar and the little bell through the menu, or with voice commands. The newer designs come in a variety of models - something for every one.

The collar offers the option of one primary owner and several secondary owners. (Owners are the people who can give the wearer commands) It also comes with a wide variety of poses and a couple of animations.

The leash holder has a nice special option (aside from making the leash end up in the owner's hand, and not somewhere in their stomach.) It also gives you the option to control your subs movement, which can be great fun.

Another great feature is the fact that you can put third party scripts into the collar. We only use the couples plug-in, but i have seen some very nice tracking and speech control options.

The collar has an option for setting the commands to a channel, rather than main chat. i wish more people used it, as hearing everyone give their slaves orders really is chat spam.

Take it from me, using a channel is easy and makes it more exciting for the sub.

PS: while preparing for this story, the collar developed a malfunction. i just contacted the people at Sensations for help. i'll keep you posted!

The store name : Sensations
The owner : Amethyst Rosencrans

Store66 (lag)


  1. Well it's been 2 weeks and still no reaction from Amethyst about fixing the collar, luckly i managed to fix i myself by reseting it, scaring the heck out of my Mistress, who got a ..has run a way.. message one day before our first wedding anniversary.

    I still love the product but i can't say i'm impressed with the customer service, so buyer beware.

  2. The Amethyst collar eset problem is an interesting one. Supposedly comes from a deleiberet function in collar to detect stolen script but may have made it into legit collars, and with thousands of vendor spots in SL, there are a lot out there.