Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zorena's Black Sable Cloak

What is it about a cape? I just love them, couldn't tell you why. This is another of those accessories I saw on someone and had to have.

Following the designer's name to the store (Ookami Ningen), I discovered a rustic wood-paneled house near a Japanese garden... an unexpected mix.

The store is large, and well laid-out. Cloaks are on the right from the door, and the work is very good. Zorena Deckard figured out how to make a good fluffy-looking fur, good prim cloaks, and churned out a wide variety of items with those two elements. Among many other things, I should add.

The price was low enough to decide me to buy immediately. I think that's a good strategy for designers. Better to sell ten items at 150L$ than one at 1500$, folks. If your work is good, the more people wearing it, the more people will see it... and peek, jump to your store, and go buy one ;)

a lovely cloak, with a very realistic looking fur collar, the cloak is rightly called Russian as it has a very Russian feel to it, you can just imagine wearing it while riding a pony drawn sled through the snowy Russian steppes.

The store is a strange collection of styles, old 20th's jazz, Japanese garden, clothes which are Russian, Japanese and some ballet clothes.

Still the quality looks good and prices are low, the best combination in SL and RL *winks*


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