Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kas corset


As you might have noticed i do love restrictive clothing and things that lock, well this corset does both and as you might expect i almost sleep in it.

The first impression of the corset it good, the closers on the front of the corset look very good and the lacing at the back must have taken quite some time to get it looking as good as it does.

The invisi-prims that hide the restricted waist show against some backgrounds but that's something you should already know from most boots in SL and not something you can expect a designer to get rid off (winks to the Lindens, hoping some of them read this blog).

the corset is menu controlled and trough it you can set the owner of the corset, restricting the control the wearer has over it.

As with a real corset you have to wear it a while to get used to it and lace it tighter and tighter, when there is an owner set only he/she can change the lacing settings.

another option of the menu is the possibility to change the colors of the corset, the lacing and the contrast color of the corset, making it possible to wear the corset with almost every outfit.

Finally the corset offers a nice AO, only problem is finding good animations that work with the corset, and this is the only downside to the corset, it makes using pose balls almost impossible, which at the same time makes it more realistic, it's not easy to sit down with a tightly laced corset in RL as well.

A nice solution to this problem came with the V1.1 corset, cloth layer corsets to wear under the real thing making it possible to hide the prim corset with the movement restrictions but still having it show, in a way.

i want to close with a final word about the service of KaS, the first time i tried to upgrade the corset something was wrong with the server and i didn't get an upgrade, the same day i got a IM from Salid that she had seen that i had tried to update and she told me she had fixed the server and i was able to update now, that's the way to keep your customers comming back.

The owner : Salid Sewell


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