Monday, November 3, 2008

Kayliwulf Fashion Show at Playboy Sim

Fashion shows are great fun. Fetish fashion shows? You'd have to use a stick to keep me away.

Kayliwulf's fashion show last Saturday was the usual professional production by Daphne Goodnight and crew. There's no way to bring a lot of people (79 at one point) to a sim and not get hit by the lag monster, but the models did well despite a challenging environment - I crashed twice and I wasn't even walking around.

(Of course that got me wondering: could you do a fashion show at the edge of one sim and have the crowd sitting on an adjacent sim? It wouldn't help the crowd, but it would help the models. Just a thought.)

Potvin Tigerpaw did a terrific job of dj and narrator for the fashion show. He has a great Torley-like sound (think California surfer dude and frequent "haha.." or go on Youtube and search for "Torley Second Life tutorial", you'll see what I mean) and really sounded like he was enjoying himself.

I was wearing Shaved Ice, so it was pretty neat to see it modeled. Of course, I think it looked better on me.. ;)

It has been a while since the last Fashion show from Kayliwulf, so we were quite excited to go to this one.

As usual, the sim was packed to capacity, which, sadly, slowed things to a crawl.

A funny thing was the fact that after 10 minutes or so the models rezzed somewhere over the water, the stage and with it the backstage area rezzed a couple of minutes later.

The lineup consisted of the usual nice latex outfits from KK, among them the Shaved Ice outfit we featured a couple of weeks ago. It's a shame that KK has so little latex for the boys, after 6 times the same latex tux in different colors we had gotten the idea...

The DJ (Potvin Tigerpaw) was very good and funny, though no substitute for DJ Laz.. His comments were nicely complemented by Daphne's explanation in chat.

All in all, a good show from the KK models, i saw some nice tops and dresses i hadn't seen "live"....

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