Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Black Boot Club

Founded by Mistress Elly Dagger, the Black Boot Club is a place for boot lovers and boot wearers.

The emphasis is strongly femdom-femsub, but male doms and subs are welcome. Elly is a strict domme, and any sub who hopes to be well received here had better be on their best behavior.

The club is not your typical strip joint, it's really more meant as a social and play space for boot fetishists. The conversation frequently turns to shopping - you're shocked, I know - and I've certainly seen some of the best boots in Second Life worn here.

So pull on your best boots and come on by if you want good company, good music, and good fetishwear-clad ladies... and, to be honest, a few bad fetishwear-clad ladies too. ;)

The Black Boot Club is a social meeting place for boot wearing dommes, though they welcome every well behaved individual.

It has 2 levels, the ground floor is for dancing and conversation, the upstairs is more for role play and offers some very nice bondage toys.

The main goal of the club it to be a meeting place for like minded people, in this case mostly Mistresses and their subs. Most evenings are filled with some dancing and mostly conversation.

a nice extra feature is the picnic area on the beach, a great place to see the sun rise from the sea.

The club is owned by Mistress Elly Dagger, who, unlike most other club owners, has no real financial objectives with the club, though tips are most welcome to keep the club running *winks*. This is most notable by the lack of dancers and tip jars on every square meter of the club.

So all in all a great place for some intelligent conversation about topics close to our hearts and the music at the club shouldn't go unmentioned, a great mix of 80's and 90's classics. Gives the place an extra edge over the other hip hop, techno, goth... filled clubs.

Ohh one final little thing i should mention, the line dances, a real must see....

Name : the Black Boot Club
Owner : Elly Dagger

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