Monday, November 10, 2008

Kayliwulf Kingdom : Yin Yang

Yin and Yang is a new outfit by Kayliwulf, and it looks good!

Give me a white cloak and I can do a fair White Queen impression. Here's a link for the culturally challenged ;)

The lacing is a fun detail but fades somewhat in white. The prim laces on the dress, gloves and stockings are a lovely little touch.

Clean and classy, a good foundation for an outfit, but you may want to accessorize.

Another lovely creation from kayliwulf.

Based on their prim boot, this time with lacing down the back of them.

The boots are white with white lacing and silver eye-holes, another color for the lacing would have worked better, but i guess that would not have worked with the design.

The boots are combined with black latex stockings, which peek over the tops of the boots, giving it the Yin & Yang effect.

The white dress has the same lacing as the boots, here the Yin & Yang effect is being achieved by a nice bit of black lace at the top of the cups.

The short, short dress suffers from the way short dresses are drawn in SL, which is a pity, i hope this will be resolved in a future update.

The set is finished off by a pair of nice opera length gloves, and you'll guess right, once again there is a lacing, this time along the top.

Sadly there is no black in the gloves, to keep with the Yin & Yang style.

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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