Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Odium

I'm going to stop complaining about how evil these toys make me seem. I promise. Soon.

The Odium is a wicked-looking, padlocked, heavy-duty, no-kidding-about-it chastity belt. Metal bumps in front, chains in the back, this would give any medieval princess serious chills.

It gives a good metallic contrast over lelo's rubber.. along with her wrist and arm cuffs, and the Amethyst collar matching, the Odium looks like part of a set of metal restraints.

We looked for the store, and only found a little spot in the Little Shop of Kink mall. Which is perfectly fine, not every designer churns out hundreds of items.

So there you go. Add the metal mask, and you'll need a dolly to wheel around your dolly ;)

Hmmm where to begin with my odium.... i love it and i hate it, so i guess it does what it's supposed to do. *winks*

It looks great, like Mistress says, there is no doubt what this belt is all about.

I practically live in it, it's somewhat like my second collar, another part of my Mistresses control over me.

There are two little things i don't like about the belt, well three when you count the obvious,it's a chat spammer first class when someone wants to be funny and flicks the odium.

Luckily mine is owned by my Mistress so she is the only one who can flick it.

The other thing i don't like is the way there always seems to dangle something from the plug.

The things i like about it, next to the wicked look, is the good scripting and that it's easy to hide in a PG sim.

The scripting gives the owner the control over the plugs and of course the locking of the belt, but also the timer, coloring and chastity.

This chastity is a great addition for user of Xcite! or sensations genitals, turning the chastity on prohibits the genitals from cumming.

With the coloring you can change the look of the odium to match your outfit, or in my case my cuffs and collar.

All in all a great addition to every subs outfit, shows you mean business *smiles*

Name : Tabby's Enfettering Amusements
Owner : Tabby Catteneo


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