Friday, November 28, 2008

Perversion Island : LatexDoll Factory

First fetish spot we’ll review on Perversion Island is the new LatexDoll Factory, managed by the stunning latex mistress, Minako Yoshiyuki.

Like other themed buildings in Perversion, it is dedicated to one fetish and meant to welcome those who appreciate it.

The décor is abandoned factory, techno-industrial-postmodern, with a lot of steel plate, cement, and machines you’d expect to see in a science-fiction movie or a latex doll’s wildest wet dream.

Deirdre Young : “Please tell me about your place.”

Minako Yoshiyuki : “Well, this is/will become a latexdoll factory and a latex fetishist hangout.”

Deirdre : “I see you have some things already in place.”

Minako : “We have a latex coating device that literally coats a person in liquid latex, effectively giving them a whole new skin. The latex is then treated, washed, and applied to the flesh to make it feel natural as possible.”

Deirdre : “And are those holding cells ?”

Minako : “Yes, they're designed for people that like to remain here and to be brought out to play.”

Deirdre : “When do you hope to be fully operational ?”

Minako : “Either before Christmas, or maybe we’ll have a grand opening on new years”

Deirdre : “Are you thinking of making a group, or will this just be a play space?”

Minako : “So far I envision this place to be a playspace/social gathering spot”

The latexdoll factory is still under construction, but do drop in and say hello.... and keep an eye on this blog for the grand opening date.


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