Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nemesis Nefarious Designs : model 07 transboots

A fun, original ballet boot with a skyscraper heel, cool prim work, and some neat options, which I will let my ballet boot expert introduce ;)

First time i saw these boots on display i just wanted the buy them, only problem was the weren't for sale yet.

Many weeks later they finally were on offer and i got them immediately.

That's when i noticed that a display even a 3d one can be very misleading, and that you should always look for the real deal being worn by someone else.

Needless to say i was a bit disappointed, i guess the long wait got my expectations up a bit to high.

The boots have a good looking leather cuff around the ankle and some very nice looking heel.

Due to the lack of texture on the front of the boot, the boot, sadly, looks to long.

It has a nice little menu, which lets you change the color of the 3 bands on the front of the boots and change the boot into a pony boot, which looks better than the ballet boot.

With the pony boots the length of the boots looks more natural (not that a pony boot is in any way natural *winks*).

The thing that misses is a nice texture and the option to lock the boots, which makes the locks on the sides a bit pointless.

I hope Khrome will reopen her store one of these days and fix the texture and scripting, my fairlight's are getting worn and i need a pair of good ballets so i can change them once in a while.

Name : Nemesis Nefarious Designs
Owner : Khrome Lock
The SLURL : No store in SL at the moment


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