Thursday, November 6, 2008

POC Latex catsuit

To my eye, this catsuit looks more like a coat of blood-red nail polish than like latex.

The reflections look super realistic, with a number of rich tints setting the bar quite high for other latex designers.

The store has a nice, simple layout and a cool, trendy warehouse feel... you won't get lost in this one.

One little annoyance : the "neon lighting" above the vendors look realistic, and would make a lot of sense in RL.. but here they just interfere with seeing the top of the picture.

The latex texture of Powers Of Creation is just amazing, the shine on it is so deep it's almost liquid. The first time i saw it, i was sold.

POC offers a wide variety of colors in their latex, but all with the same liquid quality.

Kai doesn't have outfits like Kayliwulf does but concentrates on basic clothing and color combination's. Sadly this means that he only work with textures and cuts, but don't use prims in his designs. I wonder what he could do if he would combine his texturing work with prims, lets hope he will take up that challenge.

The prices are very low if you consider how much you get with every purchase.

The store is very clean but as usual with this amount of vendors a bit laggy, i just love the way the different products are displayed and are delivered in those little cans.

Black and this blood red are the best colors, but that's just my humble opinion, just try them all... *smiles*

Name : Powers Of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman



  1. Thank you for the good review. But - poc is not only me, Kai, but my partner Thoto, too.
    Aynway - I am working on a prim-mini. The problem is that our reflections are so defined, you have to match them on the prims very good. And also it doesnt help that SL renders the same colour different on your body and on a prim...

  2. Thank you for you reaction Kai,

    I can't wait for the finished product. i hope you can get the texture to your usual high standards

    If you give me Thoto's full name i will put it in it's rightfull place

  3. My partners name is Thoto Beerbaum. Her newest creation just got released - a catsuit with a latex-camouflage-texture.