Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Steel Mask by Illyria Eros

Another lovely device which contributes to my evil reputation. This is more a head cage than a simple mask. Locks, blindfold visor, echoes.. this is heavy metal bondage ;)

I like the shape, although I might have put a few more straps at the top to hold the thing in place.. fortunately, gravity is not a huge factor in Second Life... lelo would need neck muscles like a wrestler to hold that up.

Satisfying clicks and clacks when you lock the various bits on, a convincing metal texture, and a medieval-ish design.. this is just the right toy for the bondage bunny in your Second Life.

One of my more severe looking masks, it looks massive and it is... This was one of those things i saw and just had to have, just like Mistress always tells you.

Only problem was finding it, at that time i hadn't learned the little inspect trick and the mask and it's wearer were gone before i could ask about it.

Somehow this feels like years ago. Problem with the mask is, it's a one of, it's the only product Illyria makes or better sells, so the vendors are small and hard to find.

The mask covers the full face leaving small looking hole and a hole for the mouth, so you can still uses that *winks*, if set right the hud gives you a "realistic" view trough the holes or total darkness if the looking holes are closed off by a metal plate.

The mask it self is of a simple design, just the way i like it, good texture and easily fitted to the head, the locks and rings look realistic and give the mask a realistic look. Only thing i don't like it the fact that Illyria doesn't make more toys like this.

A must have for every bondage lover out there, most severe looking thing yet.... but hey we are just starting... who knows what we'll find...

Name : no store name
Owner : Illyria Eros


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