Friday, December 19, 2008

Perversion Island : Bitch Goddess Club

At the South-East corner of Perversion Island, overlooking the sea, near a vacant lot, (... and an open sewer, urban enough?) stands a discreet building of light, clean-looking brick.

A large iron-bound wooden door might catch your eye; probably much more so than the discreet black and white sign that says "Bitch Goddess Club".

Full disclosure requires that I tell you the name of the club owner : c'est moi, yours truly, Deirdre Young.


lelo and I worked hard these past weeks, building, decorating, and getting help and good advice from our friends. Thanks Kai, thanks Elly, and many others!

The official launch party was tonight, December 19th, which is why this post is a bit later than our usual. It was a blast, by the way. A very good indication of things to come, I like to think.

BG is intended to be a social club for dominant women and their subs. While it is primarily femdom-femsub, polite male doms and subs are certainly welcome.

A stage and numerous couches, along with a unique type of pose stand for slaves, comprise most of the furniture upstairs, while the dungeon below already has a number of good toys for play, with more to be added soon.

The look of the club is clean, airy, and somewhat eighties, with muted greys and discreet decoration. A mezzanine second floor does away with low ceilings, which I hate. There are a few original conversation seats allowing five people to chat and easily see each other while they do.

While there is no dress code per se, if it happens that you're wearing boots, leather, and latex.. well, you'll be in good company.


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