Thursday, December 18, 2008

Armyst : Latex Thigh Length Boots

Those were some of the first boots I saw in Second Life with a good stiletto heel. And I really mean dagger : you could stab someone with these things and go through and through.

The lacing texture is excellent. It shows up nicely from a distance, not too small, not too big. The reflections on the leather texture are also very good.

Those are not all-prim boots, though. You'll need to either adjust your pant leg length (uneven, but better than nothing) or get an underwear version of your favorite pants (Hey Armin!). On the plus side, they fit any size leg - no fussing with balky calf prim parts.

The heel sound is good, not too loud. You use /stiletto on or /stiletto off, as you like.

Personally, I like to be heard when I make an entrance ;)

As much as i like a pair of nice stiletto heels, these really scare me, who cares about gun control, how about heel control *winks*

There is one downside to the fact that the foot is prim and the shaft is clothes layer, the texture colors don't quite match.

Name : ARMYST Design
Owner : Panjomy Ames


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