Friday, December 5, 2008

Perversion Island : Puppy Slave Kennels

If you go down a certain side street of Perversion, you'll see a discreet sign and a ramp leading down into the underground.. you've just found the puppygirl training facility.

I'm not kidding about underground : that ladder leading to the mysterious round opening takes you right to the sewers. Watch out for wandering wolves and other dangers.

Once downstairs, you'll see cages, doghouses, and large rooms with jail-cell bars; even a couple of fenced-off doghouses, for the especially bad puppies.

The doghouses are quite fun, and offer a nice variety of poses for puppy play.

A number of lovely inspirational pictures of leashed slavegirls lighten the mood of this harsh cement-walled dungeon.

There are a few bondage toys and a throne, but this is clearly a place for puppies to be kept and trained... and with any luck, housebroken ;)


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