Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bare Rose - Anguished black

Beautiful, detailed, original textures.. Bare Rose designers are true artists. Fun lacing, the clothes look good from a distance, nice color and shine. Hey, I haven't worn my B@R catsuit in ages.. time to rummage in my closet!

One of my few leather outfits, you might have noticed that i'm the rubber doll of the two of us. *smiles*

Still i love the look of this outfit and when you consider B@R's low low prices it's amazing how good the quality is.

The texture looks great, having the folds in all the right place, laces all over and the low shine you would expect from well worn leather.

There are two little draw backs to this outfit, the prim work isn't of the same quality as the texture, the mask looks unfinished and the breast covers are very hard to fit.

The other thing it the fact that there isn't a pantie included, and the cut of the pant's don't leave anything to the imagination. Finding something to cover things up is hard as it tends to stand out next to the B@R texture.

Still the texture makes it special just add some good boots, accessories and leave out the bits you don't like and you have a great base for a nice leather look.

Ohh, take your time at the store, 1. it's very large and 2. at times very laggy.

Name : Bare Rose
Owner : June Dion


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