Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SbL Inflatable Latex BallHood and Mittens

Another evil toy combining strict restriction with the humiliation of pink gear ;)

I wonder what you hear inside a ball hood when someone slaps you?

Want some color on your sub? How about a nice pink?

These are the inflatable BallHood and Mittens by Mistress Lycia, which is the head Mistress of the Latexdolls, so She should know a thing or two about latex *smiles*

The design is pretty simple and straightforward, but the effect is great.

The big pink hood covers all of your head, and makes a good if a bit annoying breathing sound, better not wear any big hair with it.

The menu is simple and clearly dates back from before RLV, and sadly i don't think there will be an updat for i

The Mittens can be looked with a key system, they are little versions of the ballhood, including the vent at the top.
The shine on the pink latex is just right, i told you she knows a thing or two about latex.
All in all, a nice addition to your wardrobe though it's more show than real bondage gear.

Name : SbL
Owner : Mistress Lycia


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