Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fetish Forge: Studded Leather Bitch

Here's a little demonstration of what I always say : accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Studded Leather Bitch. I'd want that outfit just for the name, even if it wasn't good. Fortunately, it's lovely.

Excellent leather grain, well-drawn studs... good art. This is a great foundation for a hot dungeon outfit. Yes, I tried it with jeans, and sadly, it's just not the same ;)

The top and bottom come in shirt-pants and undershirt-underpants versions, to help your mix-and-match efforts. It's no copy no mod, but it is transferable.

Vanessa has a shop at Perversion Island - that's where I saw this outfit. But the main store at Namhae is worth a visit. Lovely place, easy to navigate.

Stay back, she is mine, mine, mine.... um, i am hers, hers, hers.... *giggles*

Like Mistress said a great foundation for a wonderful look.

You just have to love a "Leather Bitch" that looks like that.

Name : Fetish Forge
Owner : Vanessa Hunt
The SLURL's :
Shop at Perversion :
Main store :


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