Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WarDooM Shoes : Miyu chrome

Another excellent item from WarDoom. If they weren't already there, I'd say someone chain these folks to their machine and make them make boots ;)

Gorgeous texture, really worth a close look. The contrasting straps are eye-catching, the laces and zippers are fun.

If you want to make an entrance at your next fetish party, go get a pair. Tell them who sent you, eh? ;)

By the way, a reminder : the store has moved, and the slurl here is the right one.

If you are looking for a pair of good looking thigh-highs, look no further: presenting the Miyu boots by WarDooM.

They come in a bunch of colors, here you see the chrome, but they also come in black, blue, pink, red and white. So something for each outfit.

Tanja has put quite some work in the lacing, the bows on the back are a true work of art.

They have a slight platform, and good looking heels, the leather belts are a nice touch.

As usual with WarDooM boots the foot and calf are one piece, so no difficult adjustments for the foot/calf, simple but works brilliantly.

The zipper across the front looks good, and i like the way they put the logo on the zipper.

The boot is scripted, and offers 3 options, you can set the shine of the boots, set the sound and hide the heel.

The shine is fun but a high shine hides the texture, the sounds is nice and the hiding the heel doesn't make sense to me, but i guess there will be people who will love that option. (please send me a note and tell me why)

All in all a great boot, easy to fit, great look and some nice colors, and best of all they still are quite new so they haven't swamped SL...... yet.

Name : WarDooM Shoes
Owner : WarDooM Voom


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