Friday, January 23, 2009

KaShoez: Seduction

These are amazing boots, but they're special for me for another reason : they're an anniversary gift from lelo. How she finds time to shop for me I'll never know.. thank you, my love.

First thing that will catch your eye is the gorgeous texture on those boots. Amazingly well rendered leather : folds at the knees, reflections.. I love them.

The boots are sculpted prims, and they are mod and copy. I wanted to take those pics immediately, but I'll be making a safety copy and resizing them to fit my legs - out of the box the fit is decent enough. You'll need to adjust the position a bit, but with a good pose stand, it's not hard. (Cipher's pose stand is amazing for this kind of thing, by the way.)

Extremely low price, I'd call them a loss leader if I knew more about her business. It's certainly going to put Kashoez on the map in a hurry.

The heel is good. Lower than some, but variety is good. If everyone made five inch stilettos, we might get bored.. nah ;)

A menu let's you change colors and control sexy walk, heel click and volume. There are two different blacks, one more black-blue as if from cool lighting; also blue, violet, pink and red.. pretty wild.

Deal of the century, get them while they are hot.

Simple heel, with a nice height, good sized prims and some good scripting.

But the two things that really make these boots are the texture and the price. At such low price, with this quality, she is almost giving them away.

There is one problem, the store is located on the last sim run on a Commodore 64, so take your time and lunch when you want to get them.

Still it's worth the trouble, to sum it all up in one word.. "WOW" *smiles*

Name : KaShoez
Owner : Doreen Halley


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