Thursday, January 22, 2009

Other Blogs : Marine Kelley, Restrained Life

This is a really important blog - the Restrained Life viewer has become a Second Life phenomenon.

The content is a bit technical - this is not a chatty blog, nor a novel.
Much no-nonsense howto information, links to download the viewer, and the like.

Marine also makes her own toys, and has a small shop featuring work by other designers as well as her own.

I like that she made a deal with to host the viewer.. those folks make nice RL toys.

The blog :

Following this blog you get two things;

First: a technical manual to everything concerning RLV, not surprising as Marine made the thing *smiles*

Second: small glimpses of who Marine Kelly is, but this takes some between the lines reading.

if you want to work with RLV, you just have to use the feed on this blog to stay up to speed with the changes.

if you use the RLV, you really need to read this blog, and i mean both Domme and sub, this is the manual you'll need to use all the options RLV offers.

Name : Real Restraint
Owner : Marine Kelly

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