Tuesday, January 20, 2009

VR Foundry : Spreader Bar and Yoke

A bit of heavy metal today ;) A lovely yoke and spreader bar set by Vivian Rail's VR Foundry.

Very detailed metal work, looks beautiful and very convincing.

Looking for something nice for in the living room? Why don't you lock your sub into these, makes a nice little display and costs no prims. *smiles*

These two are sold separately by VR Fetish, but make a great set.

Both are nicely scripted and RLV compatible, as you would expect from toys like this.

They offer the usual options, a key system like most will know from Marines shackles, timer system, up/down on the dildo and of course the locking.

Two things show how much time and effort Vivian has put in her toys:

1. the attachment places are chosen so you can wear them with prim boots and collars. The yoke attaches to the shoulder and the spreader to the hip.

2. to adjust the width of both you can use a special option that makes the bar extend or retract, so you don't ruin the delicately sculpted prims.

Quite a severe bondage toy, wearer beware, there is no escape out of these toys and only movement i manage was turning in circles.

Name : VR Foundry
Owner : Vivian Rail


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