Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Drawmachine : Evening Star

Where to begin? First of all, Armin Wiefel is a genius, ok? A moment, I'll explain ;)

This outfit is gorgeous, it caught my eye the moment I walked in the Drawmachine store. I hadn't visited in a while... my mistake, it seems.

So I get the outfit, and open it... and items pour in my inventory for half an hour! Seriously, not counting one landmark and three notecards, there are THIRTY-SEVEN parts to this outfit.

The boots come in a big and small size, and have fur-top and non fur-top versions. There are three different pairs of stockings, two belts... even fur at the top of the dress comes in a C cup and E cup. Okay, that name is misleading, cause I'm wearing the E, but you get the idea.

The dress is gorgeous, and has a prim part to make a good skirt shape. There are FIVE prim parts, in different sizes. It took me thirty seconds to find the one that fit me and position it as I liked.

The belt is perfect. I love belts, but they don't love me back.. this is the first one I find that fits me well.

Those wonderful Drawmachine leather boots.. that's how I first discovered Armin's store, I saw a girl wearing them. The best leather look I've seen on boots in SL, and the fur tops are a great winter touch.

Evening Star comes in several colors : purple, red, light blue, orange and black.

It is an absolute steal at the price. I haven't gotten this enthusiastic about new clothes recently.. drop by and tell him Deirdre sent you!

I always loved the look of these boots, and now they come with the perfect outfit.

Not the sexiest heel in SL, but good walking boots and the best looking leather look texture in SL.

The dress is very sexy without being slutty, i just love the way Mistress looks in it, really makes her lovely shoulders and neck stand out.

I wonder if Armin could make a leather catsuit with the texture he used for the boots, that would be a fetish must have.

I'm already looking forward to the next Saturday night dance, with Mistress wearing this outfit.

Name : The Drawmachine
Owner : Armin Wiefel


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