Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vulpine Wear : Prim Bikini

When I mentioned to my friend Synder Sands that a good bikini was a hard thing to find, she dragged me to the middle of nowhere, to a lone vendor, and showed me an all-prim bikini. It was really inexpensive, so I said, why not?

Well, this is one of the best why nots I've said recently. The bikini is made by Zia Zobel, and while it's aimed at furries, it looks pretty terrific on us smoother types too.

This is another full-crate type of deals : large, medium and slender sizes, each in tall and short; top with or without torso straps in all those sizes; a color changer hud; and a pose stand to adjust the bikini once you find your size. Just needs an IKEA allen-key ;)

A whack of good colors (including black leather!), rings in silver, gold or black.. and a wet and dry version for each color. I think you can wear a different bikini every day for three months ;) Did I mention Bora Bora is very nice?

The new shop is quite a step up from the lone vendor. A bunch of good prim items, most of them naughty and just as well made as the bikini.

I wonder how I look as a fur?

Well we are talking about 3 pieces of cloth some strings and a couple of rings, you would think easy...wrong.. this is a pieces of prim sculpting.

First one i've seen here and looking at the way it's made i'm sure it will be a while before we see another one.

Almost every prim is a sculpty, takes a bit to load but looks far better then any regular prim.

Combine this with a quick color/texture changing hud and you'll be the envy of everyone on the beach.

And if you think what has this to do with fetish? Add some nice thigh high boots and you'll see... *smiles*

On the other hand we just love to soak in the sea near a sunny beach....

Name : Vulpine Wear
Owner : Zia Zobel


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