Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Badkatz : Over The Edge

That beautiful leather and lacing caught my eye when I walked into Badkatz.. I didn't recognize a thing from my last visit. Yummy, the store is gorgeous. Stop moving everything around, ok? ;)

This is a long corset, or a short, short, short dress. If you accessorize that one, thigh boots and shouder gloves would be good.. but still pretty much bedroom wear.

The reflections are great. Leather is hard to make, I know; you hardly see any good leather pants or jackets. To make a little dress/corset that looks this good requires both skill and devotion.

Awesomely inexpensive, like most of Badkatz's products. I might suggest a undershirt and underpants layer to make accessorizing easier, but other than that, I love love love it.

The current signature piece from Badkatz, "over the edge".

A pretty standard black little dress, just in leather, Mistresses favorite fabric.

It features nice lacing front and back, the rear is mostly lacing, somewhat like a corset.

The one thing i love about this dress is the way Yummy solved the old problem with the front of skirts in SL.

The small prim panel matches the texture of the clothe layer remarkably good.

A texture that has a great leather look by the way.

Name : Badkatz clothing
Owner : Yummy Freelunch


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