Friday, February 27, 2009

Badkatz : Pink Leather Jacket

I dropped into Badkatz expecting everything to have been moved around again.. but no! I actually recognized the sections, and found this cool jacket in minutes.

It looked good in the vendor, sure. But I'm a little leery of non-prim jackets lately. To compare with this one, I pulled out a red one I have, gathering digital dust in my inventory.

The comparison totally reassured me. Where the other is ragged at the edges and uses a lot of photographed leather textures, this jacket uses them sparingly. Zippers, pockets, and a cool hint of shadow under the flaps.. good art :)

As leather clothing goes, it's a lot "softer" than most of my wardrobe.. my usual spiked accessories look a bit out of place with it. Maybe I need pink spikes? ;)

PS: When you buy the jacket, it shows up in your Objects as just "Pink Leather Jacket". I thought for a moment that I had clicked cancel on the transaction, as I was searching for "Badkatz". See, I'm saving you the heart attack *I* had. Yummy, you listening?

Want to show a little more femininity? Introducing the pink leather jacket by Badkatz.

Simple clothes layer jacket, but as usual Yummy shows she is a genius when it comes to texturing.

By keeping folds and other objects away from the edges you don't get any bad looking transitions.

The collar looks like it's a prim, the 3-D effect is amazing and the look of the zipper is very good as well, though it misses the same 3-D effect.

Add some jeans, boots and chaps and you got the perfect Biker Barbie outfit.

Name : Badkatz clothing
Owner : Yummy Freelunch


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