Thursday, February 26, 2009

Other Blogs : Barbie Starr

The blog :

Here's her intro :
"This Blog is set up so that you can get a better idea about the character "Barbie Starr" in Second Life and what her views and adventures might bring to the table. Also you will find here some information about the "Real Life" persona of Milady Starr and her group in general. She also has been asked to write for Second Life Herald and you can check out her column from this blog as well."

This is a blog that's been around quite a while. First post I see is December 2007. Topics include live music and fashion as well as femdom.

Barbie knows what's going on in Second Life. She owns quite a bit of land, and seems quite active at OWK in SL.

She likes the Question and Answer format, and her "Ask a Domme" section at the bottom of the page has some great information for people wanting to find their place in the SL scene.

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