Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kcreations : Leather Catsuit Black/Grey

A lot of people know Kat Fetisov's freebie catsuits. We were chatting recently - she was at the FEMDOM Magazine launch, first time I had seen her in ages - and she was telling me she figures over 20,000 catsuits were picked up from her boxes. As she puts it, "KCreations - clothing kinky newbies since 2006".

The free KCreations catsuits are excellent - no reason only newbies would wear them. Naturally, they're free, so that's how it goes. I've sent more than a few people to her little store to go pick them up myself.

Speaking of awesome catsuits, here's a grey leather outfit that fairly shines. The texture is excellent, visible from quite a distance. The abs tell everyone you do more sit-ups than Sylvester Stallone, and with nothing more a few accessories, you're very nicely dressed indeed.

Why not pick up a set and help support a pillar of the kinky community? ;)

This lovely leather catsuit comes in 4 versions; two colors and with- or without zipper.

The texturing is very good, as we've come to expect from Kat. especially the front of the top is very good.

Instead of the usual high gloss, you might know from the free catsuits by Kat, the texture is pitted and this breaks the shine.

Especially the grey, shown here, gives an almost metallic look.

No self respecting leather goddess should be without a catsuit like this.

Name : KCreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov
The SLURL : (updated 2009-08-13!)


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