Friday, February 6, 2009

Other Blogs : Doll's realm

The blog :

This is Asudem Latex's blog. In her own words :

"A place full of news and information for people who love the idea of becoming a living doll. Whether it's latex or plastic or even plushie."

"This blog is many things, a scrapbook, a collection of materials, a research project, a memo in progress and even an invocation for some.

Here you will have links, sites for getting doll costumes, suits and masks to transform yourself of a loved one into a living doll.

Fashion trends are spotted and listed, while links to specialist costumers are on offer.

It will act as mirror to this growing trend in the media and in fashion which is becoming more and more overt every day.

The fantasy of being or owning a living doll is for everyone. Hee hee....

Asudem Latex"

She's been writing it since 2005, an amazing demonstration of persistence. Some years show more than 365 posts - whew! The content is eclectic, but always revolves around doll play and fashion.

Asudem even stars in issue 25 of Medusarrific, a 3D comic strip :

One of the main focuses of the blog is Latex, loads and loads of latex, sound familiar anyone... *winks*

Many of the posts include YouTube links and some are real finds. So for every one who's into doll play, give this blog a look, but be careful you might like it too much *smiles*

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