Thursday, February 5, 2009

SHi Sexy Fashion : Doll chair & table

This is such a find. Elly showed up with one of these wonderful chairs Tuesday, and demonstrated it - well, I was sold!

We popped over to Sweel Honi's shop (that's SweeL, not Sweet : I misread and nearly contacted the wrong person) and saw this wonderful arrangement of tables and chairs, with built-in dolls and without.. I immediately dubbed it "the patio set" ;)

Since we're having our first "Dommes and dolls" social tonight at Bitch Goddess, I thought this would be just the thing. I'm writing this before the event begins, but I'm pretty certain the furniture will be a big hit.

Original and entertaining.. We'll definitely be visiting SHi again soon!

Forniphilia anyone? Well here it the first good non sexual forniphilia furniture i've seen in SL.

There is a chair with 3 poses for the Domme and a table with 2 poses for the Domme, the sub only has one pose, being the chair or table support.

The control of the pose is simply done by using the page up/down buttons.

For the people without sub's there are versions with prim dolls in place of the sub.

The pose in the chair is very good, i love the twitching of the legs.

Ohh.. and just in case you want a matching pair of prim and real dolls the real doll chair comes with a matching outfit for your sub matching the prim dolls.

Name : SHi Sexy Fashion
Owner : Sweel Honi


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