Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scientific Revolution, Multi Gag

The way I keep buying these things for lelo, you'd think she yaks my ear off when she's not severely gagged.

Not so. I just love how these things look on her :)

We saw this trainer by Scientific Revolution at Marine Kelley's little shop, and it just looked perfect.

I like the texture, which makes it stand out even over a black latex hood. The rivets are pretty realistic, and the straps are nice and thick, articulated around O rings. We'll be kind and say the little padlocks look good from a distance.

You'll want to adjust it for good fit... I'm really starting to love items that come with a small-medium-large versions.

Now this one is special, one because it was a anniversary present from my Mistress and two because of the story behind it.

This gag was originally made by Scorpion, the same people who made the gasmask i love, but Scorpion no longer exists and is now taken over by Scientific Revolution.

I hope they are doing all right as the sim with the main store is gone at the moment, still there is a vendor at Marine's shop on Pak.

The gag offers everything you would want from a good gag: (changable) Mumble Channel; Lockable; Owner system (including transfer of ownership); Reporting system (informs the keyholder of a locked gag if it's taken off); Anti Idle; Allow/disallow emotes on chat; Time Punishment on cheating; Self-lock feature (in case you're one of the rare people who like to restrict themselves... )

The gag is RLV compatible, but doesn't have any RLV commands itself so you'll need to use Marine's shackles or a Mars ring to control the RLV features.

Name : Scientific Revolution
Owner : Laida Laval
The SLURL to Marines shop :


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