Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eclectic Randomness : Latex Implants

"When I grow up"
"I wanna see the world"
"Drive nice cars"
"I wanna have boobies"
"But be careful what you wish for
cause you just might get it"

Pussycat Dolls, When I Grow Up

Deirdre: I know, some of you may have misheard "groupies" ;)

Well, the topic today is shiny, latex-covered boobies. Winter Ventura made an excellent job of these, looking almost natural at the smallest setting.

They are an excellent match for the Powers of Creations catsuit, which many will agree is the shiniest latex you can find.

The shop is indeed eclectic, worth a visit and a peek from outside since it's a cool spaceship.

The price is quite good. We've also seen some of Winter's work at Mesmerize Dungeon, and we hope to see more.

lelo: You just have to love these implants. The form is great and the options are kept simple but offer all you would want from breasts like these.

The menu offer you a couple of options, first you can select if you want nipples on our rubber breasts.

Then you can select which color you want, nipples and breast can be given their own color, and here is the really smart thing: she uses the POC colors.

I tried the colors i have and the match is amazingly good.

Finally you can inflate or deflate them, this is the "normal" size, they go all the way up to massive back breakers. *winks*

No self respecting rubber doll should be with out these... question is if a doll has self respect. *smiles*

Name : Eclectic Randomness
Owner : Winter Ventura


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