Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dari's Haus: Heavy Metal collar tall

Deirdre :
My first thought when I saw lelo wear it was "Wow. This is a serious collar."

And sure enough, the commands match the look.

The readme command (/1 lrreadme, prefixed with lelo's initials and off channel cause we hate channel spam) produces a 648-line notecard. That came to 22 pages when I pasted it in Word for easier reading.

Half of the note relates to the Restrained Life Viewer, and since that is not part of our play, I'll skip over it except to mention that you must enable it, and you should really read the documentation ;)

A terrific feature that I will mention is the invisibility option. Clicking the collar and selecting Remove (or typing /1 lrremove in our case) appears to remove the collar, but in fact hides it from view and makes it ignore commands.

We've been to PG sims where we didn't want to attract attention - taking a class at NCI, for example - and such a feature would have been quite welcome.

A striking piece of jewelry to clasp around your sweetie's neck. Definitely recommended.

lelo :
Presenting you the heavy metal collar by Darien Caldwell, to be honest we somehow missed her till now, but i must say i'm very impressed by her work.

She offers loads of different looks of collars, so something for everyone out there, we opted for the heavy metal look.

The scripting feels very solid and is partly menu and partly chat driven, the update everywhere option is very good, no need to go to a server to update and judging from the revision history the script is improved regularly.

I won't bore you with a list of all the functions (yet), but there are many. Well ok, just a few :

The collar is a full functional RLV relay, 40 poses and (partner)animations are included and it offers a full AO, lock, shock, post, link and title functions.

I noticed a few things that show how involved Darien is with the BDSM scene, this is the first collar i've seen that offers a safeword to the wearer and the option to restrict the number of owners or to release the use of the collar to the public is something i haven't seen yet.

I also noticed how she lets the commands you give automatically change the RLV settings.

The options to fine tune the collar to your own need is covered in the advanced users part of the manual, including messaging and partner animations.

I think i forgot half the options i found and i guess i only found half of them so far, this is an impressive piece of scripting.

I'm coming close to putting my Amethyst in the closet, still that one has been around my neck for almost 2 years now.

Name : Dari's Haus
Owner : Darien Caldwell


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  1. Coongrats on your selection. I've used just about every make of collar in SL over the years, and while the "names" such as Amethyst and 3L (Sae Juran) and Omega all have their good points, I've yet to find ANY collar that matches Dari's in terms of looks, styling, capabilities, command menu structure, ease of use, speed of familiarity and all-around value for money.

    Indeed, fair to say, no-one in my House is, or will, wear any other make of collar, and I've adopted the Elegant Filigree as our "official" style!